My Work


My paintings have been evolving over a long period of time to where they are now. I have developed my own textural surface to paint on and tend to work in many layers...stripping away and refining to create the compositions. My method is to play with colour, to create a raw background to refine by working on introducing negative space. The idea is to help the images emerge from the surface but creating boundaries. I have refined this technique to involve many wash layers. This melds all of the areas of the canvas creating a cohesive composition. Colour combinations have always fascinated me...studying traditional kimono colours and quilts from many cultures has provided a keen understanding of balance and effect, which I use to create a playfulness within my work. Whoever thought lime green and pale pink could be a winning combination! I generally work in Acrylic, which affords the use of layered washes however I have been working in oils more of late where colours are even more vibrant and tonal work is more easily achieved. 


Working in sterling silver is a relatively new addition to my skill set. I renewed my skills and interest in this area a few years ago…and I have not stopped since. The silver work is a clear extension of imagery...where it can be said that I draw in silver. Each piece is a visual delight...with a meaning and story behind to allow the wearers to contemplate the actual reason for adoring themselves. Is it merely beauty or to remind oneself of what is important or indeed to project a particular image of self. Though generally simple in design my silver work is quite unique with hammered surfaces and weighty rings cast from wax...individually made pieces that show a raw, yet shiny edge. Many aspects of my designs come from simple shapes photographed in Japan and cast objects found in my travels. From a beautiful spoon from Japan in the shape of a Sakura flower to a twig gathered from the garden. My favourite items in my studio are my Japanese hammers... loved for their weight, beauty and functionality. I sell my jewellery online in my Etsy store and will ship to any place in the world. There is a link to this page in the Etsy tab in the main menu.